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Relevant Work
Obregón & Associates experience and efficiency has allowed the firm to take part in some of the biggest cases and class actions ever filed in our country.

Today, a team of attorneys guided by Dr. Jacinto Obregón has yielded million dollar judgments in favor of more than four thousand former banana workers that were exposed to the chemical known as DBCP during the 1970’s in Chinandega, Nicaragua.  The judgments have been obtained both in national and American courts in their preliminary stage.

Other relevant judgments include the ones obtained in the lawsuit against Linea Aerea de Servicios Aereos de Honduras (SAHSA) in October of 1989,  Empresa Guatemalteca de Aviación, S.A (AVIATECA) in January of 1995 and Aerolineas La Costeña in October 1997.  In the 1997 case against Línea Área Servicios Aéreos de Honduras (SAHSA) Obregón & Associates represented 66 plaintiffs.

The quality and efficiency of Obregón & Associates has been recognized by different institutions and international organizations. Obregón & Associates has received distinctions by the Doing Business World Bank Program , which is charge of gathering information from top firms around the world concerning business laws and regulations.  

Some of our corporate clients:
  • Empresa Nicafish
  • Ave María University
  • Concretera Nacional de Nicaragua
  • Línea Aérea Aerocaribean
  • Costa Rica,  expediciones, aventuras y recreaciones S.A
  • Buena Esperanza Limitada Sociedad Anónima (Casinos Pharaohs)
  • Textiles Alpatra
  • Instituto Sindical de Cooperación al Desarrollo (ISCOD)
  • Fondo Cristiano Canadiense de la Niñez
  • Asociación de Promotores de la Cultura
  • Movimiento Comunal de Nicaragua
  • Rancho Buganbilia
  • Ferro Sundries GMBH y Co.
  • Omoto International

Airplane Accident of October 21, 1989 in Honduras

Obregón & Associates represented the heirs of María Consuelo Buitrago in a lawsuit against Línea Aerea de Servicios Aereos de Honduras SAHSA.

Airplane Crash of August 9, 1995 in El Salvador

Obregón & Associates represented the heirs of Alvaro Bermúdez Espinoza in their lawsuit against Línea Aerea AVIATECA.

Airplane Crash of October 20, 1997

Obregón & Associates represented Mrs. Eva Stackelberg and others in the lawsuit against La Costeña airline.  This case is currently in the appellate court in Managua.

Firestone of Costa Rica Lawsuit

Lawsuit against Firestone of Costa Rica for Breach of Contract

Lido Int. and Textiles Alpatra, S.A. Vs Gov. Nicaragua

Lawsuit against the Government of Nicaragua on behalf of Lido International and Textiles Alpatra, S.A.