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Practice Areas
Civil Litigation / Trials
Obregón & Associates has conducted and participated if the cases which have produced some of the most notorious judgments in Nicaragua. Our long practice and experience has proven in Property related trials, class actions, Trademark cancellation actions, and others.

Obregón & Associates works with the following American law firms, Provost Umphrey of Beaumont, Texas, and with Ballen & Gerthel , firms that specialize in international class action lawsuits. Obregón & Associates has also worked with the firm Speiser Krouse & Madole.  Obregón & Associates is partners with two central american offices Badilla Obregón & Associates from Costa Rica and Rodríguez & Associates from El Salvador.

Obregón & Associates also has experience in alternate conflict solution, mediation and arbitration procedures.
Corporate Law

Ever since Nicaragua reentered the open market economy, Obregón & Associates created a Corporate Law Department that provides legal counseling in all Corporate related matters, since the incorporation of a company, obtention of all necessary permits and licenses, handling of company books, and afterwards the proper legal advise necessary to run a company in Nicaragua.

The experience of Obregón & Associates and our knowledge of the legal system in Nicaragua allow us to provide the legal assistance that will help the company maximize its investments and achieve maximum success, within the Nicaraguan legal framework.

Foreign Investments
Because of Obregón & Associates experience foreign clients are able to maximize their investments and receive all benefits granted by our laws to foreign investors. We assist our clients meet all the requirements established in our laws to obtain and most importantly keep incentives and benefits prescribed in our laws.

Obregón & Associates has a highly qualified staff with broad experience in the elaboration of Title Opinions and Due Dilligence Procedures that assure security and profitability in your investments.  Proof of this, is the fact that Obregón & Associates is authorized by First American Insurance Company to issue Title Opinions.

Obregon & Associates facilitates the dialogue between clients and high level officials in the Public and Private Sector. At the same time, we provide targeted integrated consulting services. The firm has enabled corporations, and non-profit organizations to promote their interests through political, legislative and regulatory processes in Nicaragua. We help our clients create opportunities and solve problems by devising and implementing effective, creative strategies to achieve success.

The firm has also played an important role in guiding major investors for the development of the tourism industry in Nicaragua by providing legal counseling both for National and Foreign Corporations such as fishing companies, airlines, tour operators, developers and hotels. 

Intellectual Property

The IP legal system has been drastically modified in the last decade to comply with International Standards of protection.  The passing of new laws for each IP field has come to fill gaps that previous laws had. This and the various International Conventions signed by Nicaragua imply security for the IP rights.

Obregón & Associates has an experienced IP department that will secure your IP rights in Nicaragua.

Obregón & Associates is a member of INTA, which is another guarantee that its attorneys are in tone with the latest discussions in the IP field.

  1. Trademark Registration.
  2. License Agreements, Change of Name of the Trademark Owner.
  3. Opposition and Objection Procedures.
  4. Judicial Actions.
  5. Patent Registration.
  6. Domain Registratio.
  7. Copyright Registration.
  8. Sanitary Procedures.
Labor Law

Obregón & Associates provides assistance in all aspects of Labor Law.  Obregón & Associates has experience in the elaboration of Labor Policy Manuals that have allowed our clients to hire and retain the best staff for their particular needs.